ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs There Any Proof that Profits Unlimited is a Scam?
Jeane Preiss asked 3 years ago

Hello guys! I am in a little strange situation right now. The reason is that i recently found a Forex trading online platform that is called Profits Unlimited. I liked it very much. However, when I decided to read some reviews about it, I found out that most of the people claim it is just a scam. Therefore, I would like to ask if there is any real proof that the software is fake?

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Dear Jeane,
Sadly, not everything that is said and stated is true. So, in this case we have a really nasty scam in front of us. In order to answer to your question it would be enough just to say that all the users’ testimonials that are published on the official website of the robot are fake and the stated users are actually paid actors. A simple online check will prove we are right. So, stay away from Profits Unlimited system.

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