ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs Gemini 2 a Second Version of an Old Software or not?
Kris Hudgens asked 3 years ago

My question is pretty simple, actually. I am just curious to know if this online trading Forex system is brand new or an old system that is launched for the second time? The problem is that I don’t want to fall into any scam trap so I need to know how is the situation about Gemini 2 robot. Thank you in advance!

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Dear Kris,
The question you are asking is absolutely logical and it does make sense. The Gemini 2 Forex system is not really a sequence of a highly successful and reputable robot with the same name. It has no connection to such a software whatsoever and its status has been confirmed as scam. All the active traders who risked joining it, report that they are greatly dissatisfied with the results they are generating, too. So, you should not opt for Gemini 2.


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