ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs Forex Cyborg a scam or you can safely trade forex with it?
Simon Colspeck asked 2 years ago

Hi guys, thank you for all your hard work to keep us safe from scam systems. I recently decided to start trading forex online with the help of an autopilot system. Mainly because I am not very knowledgeable and this would greatly help me. I have some previous experience in the field of online trading but not with forex. So I was wondering if the Forex Cyborg system is a good tool that will help me smoothly transition into the industry? I came across various opinions and some pointed out that it is not reliable. My wish is to ask for your expert opinion before proceeding further. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hey there Simon, thank you for your interest.
Indeed the Forex Cyborg offers a way into the online trading of forex and makes a compelling proposition to interested parties. Unfortunately, we would not recommend it as safe. If you have missed our scam review on the topic you should read it. Our main concern is the pricing. The creators of the platform ask for some serious payments to be made for you to join the trading process. It is unsafe to proceed since there is no guarantee that the Forex Cyborg will be useful and not a scam. Our recommendation would be to consider a forex trading system that is free of charge. In that way, you are not risking such significant sums.
We consider the QProfit System to be the robot with access to the forex trading world and suggest you read our review on the topic.
Best regards!

sasha answered 2 years ago

I do not know how about Forex Cyborg, did not work with them, but they are rather doubtful.

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