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Hanstan asked 3 years ago

I started using FinCrowd App 3 months ago and today I want to share with you how my experience has been so far. I didn’t expect much from this software when I signed up for it because it has been developed by some Sam Maxwell who is not a well-known trader or software developer. Basically I didn’t know much about this software altogether, but I think it was my instinct that made me open an account.

So after 3 months of trading, I have earned some decent income from this software. payout was alright in the beginning and as days went by, I saw an improvement in my daily earnings. I find FinCrowd App to be an extremely reliable software. I like the fact that it is easy to use and since I was a complete beginner 3 months ago, I didn’t face much difficulties in getting around.

This software is working well for me and I think I can recommend it to my friends on this forum as well. But the only thing is that I haven’t made any withdrawal requests yet. Like a said the earnings weren’t so good in the beginning, but now it is. I can confirm that FinCrowd App is a reliable software, but I don’t know how long it takes for them to process withdrawals. Has anyone else used this software and made withdrawals? Is the process swift? Please share.

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