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Erik Ihlen asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I accidently stumbled upon the Forex trading software created by Scott Hathaway and called Dubai Lifestyles App. I watched the advertising video and did not manage to get a clear picture of what exactly does the robot do. Can it really make me $7,000 and more per day? This amount sound really fantastic, but I wonder whether it is actually real. It sounds so good that it appears to be impossible. This would mean that it has a near 100% success rate and we all know there is no system that can do that.

By the way, is Scott Hathaway a real person? We never get to see his image in the video, so he does not appear to be very legit.

Thanks in advance!

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Unfortunately, nothing about Dubai Lifestyle App appears to be legit. It is a dubious Forex system which has yet to prove its legitimacy. The robot can surely not achieve a 100% success rate, because no profit amplifying robot solution. Its interface is reportedly not very user-friendly and most people experience troubles when trying to customize their settings. Creator Scott Hathaway is not an actual person as you have already guessed correctly.
We only get to hear a random robotic voice that narrates a clip which is entirely made up of stock images and simple editing. Users’ feedback suggests that the software can hardly generate any kind of profits, yet alone make you leave your day job or lead a luxurious lifestyle.
All in all, it is best to avoid Dubai Lifestyle App and turn to a proven to be legit and safe Forex robot. You can check out the top ones on the Internet on our official website.

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