ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs It Possible For a System to Work Like the Cobalt Code Is Claimed to?
Rachel asked 3 years ago

Hello guys, I came across the Cobalt Code system just recently. I was wondering if it can actually work as it says? I want to know if a system can truly trade an exotic commodity like cobalt, as it is the case with the CobaltCode. I know that it would be weird if a system only traded one asset, but if it is a profitable one, why not? I hope you can give me an advice soon, because I am really anxious about this software. But I don’t want to try it before I have consulted an expert and your team seems to know what it’s talking about. Thanks!

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Hello Rachel,
We don’t want to disappoint you but the CobaltCode is a scam. For a couple of reasons. You are welcome to read our detailed review, that has been published on the website.
In a few words, though, it is not reliable.
First, cobalt is not a commodity that can be traded. At least, it is not offered for Forex investments.
Second, when we trade-tested the software, on the inside of the Cobalt Code you can see that the system is just like any other scam trading robot offered in the Forex industry. It trades mainly currency pairs and there is no option for any kind of commodity trading available.
Third, the offered success rate and possible profits to be achieved by using the Cobalt Code are extremely far-fetched. This is a scam practice, applied by frauds for the purpose of luring as many people as possible before they shut down their hoax operation.
The advice we can give you is to avoid it. You should join a tested system instead – the reviews of a number of reliable trading robots have been published on Top10BinaryDemo.

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