ForumCategory: Automated Trading SoftwareIs Click Money System Scam or Not?
Jamelia Roberts asked 3 years ago

My personal opinion about the Click Money system is that this software can only generate losing trades, the signals are not accurate enough to generate any profits. I am very disappointed with the customer support because I was not able to make the deposit procedure and there was no one from the support of ClickMoneySystem that can help me.
Click Money System has a very attractive and catchy video presentation but truly it is not 100% scam-safe. I lost all of my investments and that is one of the proves that this Click Money System should not be a trusted Forex robot.

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Albert answered 3 years ago

The Click Money system really doesn\’t work properly. Thankfully, I didn\’t fall into that scam as I read about it on time. However, a friend of mine lost a significant amount of funds. This is just another bogus Forex trading platform that cannot bring you anything but losses. 

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