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Jackson Veils asked 2 years ago

Hi everybody! I just stumbled upon a software called the Desert Millionaire. It promises $70,000 per month in profits if you use it for trading. It is clear that I should not blindly believe such promises as good as they sound. But it is an opportunity I don’t want to miss if this is actually an authentic investment software for automated trading. That is why I turn to you. I want to confirm or dismiss its background to get a clear picture of whether it is reliable. It is developed by two men – Chris and Omar. And there is very little shared about them. I could not find them on the web and I was unable to confirm the story of the so-called Desert Millionaires. That is why I turn to you know in hope that you will be able to tell me more about who they are and can they be trusted.

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Manager answered 2 years ago

Hello Jackson. We also saw the Desert Millionaire. Our investigation took some time but it yielded a single result – the software is scam. These so-called Chris and Omar and the mentioned Desert Millionaires club do not exist. They are a fabricated plot for the purposes of making the software sound authentic and truly profitable if rich people are using it. If you look closely on their website you will easily notice that the presented results have been fabricated, generated on random and even presented in a wrong way. The values of the assets, the directions of the sample trades, and the results do not correspond with each other.
The claim that it can help you generate $70,000 per month is also empty. We have managed to contact people that have taken the Desert Millionaire for a test-drive and they report having very poor results on its autopilot. Whereas the manual mode of the software is full of glitches and does not provide accurate and up-to-date information that can be useful to you.
We hope that this answers your question. Avoid it to save your funds. Rather opt for a proven to be profitable system. Check out our top recommendations for the best alternatives operating in the industry at the moment.
Best regards!

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