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Andrew T. Smith asked 3 years ago

Hello dear investigators,

I really admire the work you are doing here. You’ve helped me and a few other traders I know a lot in the recent months. We’ve managed to make some solid profits from system recommended by you, but we never stick too long to one system. We profit and we move on, because experience and your reviews have taught me that sudden failures in performance are not an exception but a rule.

Now I and a couple of the friends I trade with are considering the so-called Cash Capital system. It looks really good and professional. We have some doubts and that’s why we are turning to you for advice. We highly respect your professional opinion and as I said, it has helped us a lot before. So, is CashCapital as good as it looks and sounds or is it just a shiny scam that is not worth our efforts and funds?

Thank you,

Andrew T. Smith

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Manager answered 3 years ago

Hello Andrew,
Our team is delighted to hear from you. We are glad to be of help in any Forex-related situation. We can agree with you that Cash Capital looks very good indeed. But our investigation shows that it cannot be a reliable trading partner. Their client base is very small, even though they have been around for a while. There are no independent opinions of actual traders that have tried it. The lack of positive feedback really bother us about CashCapital and we are unable to trust it.
Our advice is that you and your friends don’t trust it either. We admit that the system has a potential to change for the better and offer an enhanced trading experience, but it does not come with this version of the Cash Capital system. If there are any further positive developments with it, we will make sure to inform the readers of Top10BinaryDemo, including you. For now, Cash Capital is not safe for trading and you should avoid it. Also, read our full review on the Forex trading software to discover even more details and reasons for our opinion.
Kind Regards,
Team Top10BinaryDemo

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