ForumIs Binary Money Manager a Scam or Authentic?
Raelyn asked 3 years ago

Hey everyone,

I just received an invitation to open an account with Binary Money Manager System. I proceeded to open the website but it did not look very promising. Has anyone tried and tested it before? As far as I can understand, it is an old Forex robot – it is stated on its web page that it was launched in 2016.
Another thing that caught my attention is the fact that it is supposedly featured on CNN, Google, Yahoo, etc. Is this really so or just a fabricated scam in order to draw in more unsuspecting users? Also, the success rate is supposed to be 98% but isn’t this way too high to be considered realistic?
The market is quite volatile so predicting the way an asset’s price would shift with nearly 100% accuracy looks like a tough job to do. I know that you can look at different graphics and charts, try to analyze different factors and patterns but this is not always possible.
Does anyone know the truth about BinaryMoneyManager System? Is it a scam or legit robot? Is there any reason for me to sign up with it. It does not look like a reliable and genuine auto-pilot software but who knows?
If this online trading software is not legit, then can you recommend me a solid and trustworthy robot. I am quite new to the investment sphere and still experience quite the hard time making my way around and determining which income-generating solution I should trust.
I have fallen onto scam before and I don’t want to lose my investments again. It was quite dissatisfying and discouraging to see your deposit vanish before your eyes. I need more time to train and increase my knowledge and understanding of the market. Please, help me.
Thanks in advance,

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