111Choosing the best Forex robot can be a tricky job, especially when there are so many Forex trading software present in today’s time. Their popularity grew exponentially in the recent years.

This is all due to the fact that they are easy to use and authentic systems generate significant and stable profits.

We are a scam investigator platform and we have tested a lot of Forex robots in the recent years. Our team is ready to provide you with a list of reliable free Forex robots that can profit for you online. It is recommended to do some investigation before investing real funds. We have saved you some time by listing the 100% tested and Safe robots below.

Get Started With 3 Easy Steps


Choose a robot from the list below:


Register a robot account

I personally use 3 different robots to diversity my risk. It is highly recommended that you start with at least 2 robots.


Start trading and collect profits

Fund trading account

$250 is the minimum amount to start. You can withdraw It anytime.

Switch auto-trading ON

The software will start trading the financial markets online.

Collect profits

Withdrawal requests are typically fulfilled in 2 working days.

Can I Make Profits With Forex Robots?

222We have said that on previous occasions but we will say it again because it is very important that people remember that. You can profit by using a free Forex robot even if you have never traded before. Even if you have no experience, no financial education, nothing.

Spare two minutes of your time to set up your account, fund it with a minimum of $250 and the rest will be accomplished by the automated Forex system you have chosen.

Forex trading can be accomplished from anywhere, including your home, thanks to the creation of Forex and CFD trading systems. They run on algorithms which enable them to place trades in your stead, following the a set of rules you have predetermined before activating the Autopilot. And everything happens automatically1.

So, yes. Everyone can benefit from using Forex robots. And the best part about them is that they are free.

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Why Opt for Free Forex Robots?

333Even though they are commonly offered for free, Forex robots can still provide high quality service. Their creators apply the latest technology trends and invest a lot of funds in order to create competitive systems that can profit significantly for their users.

Genuine Forex robots offer excellent service and provide you with a number of features, including the following:

  • Stop Loss

It lets you stop trading as soon as your account reaches a specific margin i.e., $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 and $500. This feature works best if the market is way too volatile.

  • Max Daily Trades

You can set the maximum amount of trades that your robot can take per day.

  • Reverse Trading

The reverse trading option lets you place the trade in the opposite direction of the signals.

  • Risk Level Setting

You can set the level of risk of the signals which you want to trade on your behalf.

  • Assets

The trading systems lets you select a variety of assets such as forex, indices, commodities, and more.

  • Expiry Times

You can readily set the expiry time on daily, weekly and monthly basis.


%d0%b3%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%80%d0%b4“I tried trading manually directly on a broker’s platform. Unfortunately, turns out manual trading is not for me. It just takes too much time and I can’t say that the rewards were worth the effort. I was thrilled when I found a Forex system that could place trades on autopilot. My first trading robot ever had so many useful features that convinced me I’m in total control of the trading profits.

But there was no need for me to stand in front of the computer all day long and push a button. With just one click my software of choice started generating profits I could not even imagine while trading manually the profits that my system was capable of generating. Now I have the resources to spend on polishing my personal skills while the robot makes me additional income on autopilot.”

Maxx, 34, Photography Blogger

Choose a Free Forex Robot

444Even though most systems come free of charge, it is unreasonable to join every other offer just because it does not require a payment.

If you sign up for a scam, your investments and funds will be at great risk.

Scam Forex robots promise extremely high returns, no risk and no losses. This is hardly achievable given the fact how volatile are the markets. You should spend enough time to investigate before joining a given for free Forex robot.

Experts Talk:

Contact investigators and fellow traders to gain feedback and information on trading systems2. We at Top10BinaryDemo have compiled a list of trustworthy Forex robots that have been tested and approved by our team.

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Profit Online With Forex Robots

555Our detailed investigations are all made to support traders in their choice for an investment tool. We have tested and reviewed dozens of trading robots. The most recommended one has passed all the necessary tests to be confirmed as legitimate. We have compiled a review that encompasses our findings.

We have been monitoring Fitnech Ltd. for a long time and we can confirm that it has stable and profitable performance. The Forex robot offers one of the best services available on the market right now.

This free trading robot offers a user-friendly web-based platform for automated investments. It has a verified success rate of up to 87% and it allows unlimited withdrawals. Its clients report consistent profits and professional customer support.

Substitutes of Forex Robots

Other ways of trading Forex is by applying the service of a brokerage or a signal provider. Forex robots are more popular though because they offer automated trading which makes the industry more accessible to novice investors. Still, if you are interested in trading manually, you can consider these two types of alternative products:

  • Forex Brokers are trading platforms which give you direct access to the markets and the opportunity to trade manually. Brokers are a better choice for experienced traders because they do not offer automated trading.

Our Top Recommended Broker is Opteck.


If you can, join a licensed broker that is regulated by financial institutions like CySEC. Regulation guarantees a level of funds’ security which cannot be fully guaranteed by unregulated brokers.

  • Forex Signal Providers compile signal based on analyzing historical data and available information on trade volume data. These signals can be sent to your phone or e-mail. They are calculated either by real traders or complex algorithms.

Our Top Recommended Provider is FinTech LTD.

Free Forex Robots Pros & Cons

Even though Forex robots have a number of downsides, the positive aspects are a lot more and for that reason people choose to join them.

  • Registration is Free of charge
  • User-friendly & Easy to start with
  • Offer high returns & Automated trading

Probably the biggest drawback of automated systems is the fact that there are just too many available on the market and if you do not investigate thoroughly beforehand, you might sign up for a scam and lose your investments.

How Does Forex Robot Work?

666In order to use the system, you have to sign up with the software that you have chosen. These 100% automated systems work on autopilot, investors just have to sit back and relax. The computer algorithm programmed within a trading system supports the set up and then trades are initiated.

You can customize the settings and set the parameters too, but not all Forex trading systems require that. There are some automated robots that feature signal based trading. The program within the system sends you trading signals and then the robot uses these signals for placing the trade. You can execute the trade manually too by using the trading signals. You can have full control over your trading account even if you are trading manually.

The best part of using the Forex robot system is that even if you have limited trading knowledge, you can still have the chances of earning profits because the robot does most of the work for you. There is no need to analyze the charts and spend time on tracking the previous market data for making predictions about the price movements of the assets. The trading signals, if accurate, can let you make the right move by minimizing the chances of risk and loss.

If you are a new trader, you must choose such a Forex robot system that has been tested and proven to work properly. This will also help you a lot in learning how the system works and how you can secure most of the profits.

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