Every experienced online trader will tell you that it is best to carry out research about a particular Forex trading system you are considering to get started with. It does not have to be the most comprehensive inquiry ever. Going over some commentaries and general opinions on the Internet will give you a clear enough perspective whether it is legit or scam.

In the present article, we would like to pay special attention to what people are saying in their The Canuck Method review. It is a relatively new Forex automated robot software, but promises to deliver great success. Is this so? Or is creator Jake Mason just issuing empty claims? Read our exclusive investigation into Canuck Wealth System reviews.


Reviews on The Canuck Method – What are they Saying?

Not coming as a surprise for a Forex investment software, web-based traders seem to agree around the fact that it is scam. There is a very negative atmosphere surrounding the income generating solution. Especially, when compared to other systems. Reviews on The Canuck Method suggest that the statements made by Jake Mason are completely fabricated.

Inquiries into the persona of the said have come up with no verifiable results. He has no social media profiles. There are no publications about him on the Internet. One would think that the supposed founder of such a profitable and reliable Forex robot software would be talked about. Not in the case of Canuck Wealth System.

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It appears that the photograph of Jake Mason and his family on the official website of the robot is a stock image. User testimonials are also completely faked. The pictures next to them are of non-existent people. In some cases, they are even stolen from unsuspecting users’ social media accounts.

Why is it Scam? – Review of The Canuck Method

Even if this Forex robot software was not regarded as scam, online traders would still be advised to avoid it. Jake Mason states that it has an estimated 80% return on investment. This is a very low profitability rate. Most legit and working profit amplifying solutions provide above 86%. Nobody would call them income generating otherwise.

Anyone who has ever tried to review The Canuck Method would support and confirm the above mentioned fact. Another factor that alerts of this Forex investment system’s dubious status is the fact that it has faked stamps of approval appearing on its landing page.

This could be very deceiving as novice traders who do not know how the real ones actually look like might think that The Canuck Method is a safe and secure online investment platform. When in reality it is far from it.

Other Findings of Canuck Wealth System Reviews

This Forex automated software supposedly provides 24/7 customer support. Reviews on The Canuck Method, however, go to show that it is not exactly around the clock. Due to the fact that it is provided mainly via email – response is often delayed. There have been numerous signals from traders who did not manage to receive guidance and advice at all.

Some of them had really troubling issues and ended up losing their entire investments because of the customer support that is never online. Other problems with the operational process of Canuck Wealth System concern the withdrawal procedure. Users have not been able to receive the entire amount of their earnings. These problems have been ongoing. Transfer of the monetary sums to investors’ bank accounts has reportedly taken way more than the 3 to 5 business days mentioned in the FAQ. In the worst scenarios, they have taken up to 2 months.

Drawing the Line – The Canuck Method Review Conclusion

Almost every person who has ever done a review of The Canuck Method is of the opinion that this Forex investment robot has nothing to offer. Its so-called special features do not work properly. The customer support service is never available when clients need it. Acquired profits can not be withdrawn.

To add up, supposed creator Jake Mason is most likely just a paid actor. Canuck Wealth System reviews suggest that there is nothing genuine about this income increasing solution. Users who get started with it will receive nothing but problems in return. This is why, it would be best for them to turn to a tested and approved online automated system.


t10demo_high_risk_stampOur investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Canuck Method to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Canuck Method is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.


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