StackOptions claims to provide a Demo account and risk free trading to its clients, but is this really true?

According to our team’s research, StackOptions does NOT provide demo accounts. We also found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we selected the top brokers that provide a Demo account for free.

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StackOptions Review

StackOptions is a Forex and CFDs trading broker that is located in UK, London. The CEO of the company behind this brokerage is Vincent James Goldman (also a D.M). Despite the fact it is not regulated by any financial authority this doesn’t mean that the broker is necessarily a scam.

Therefore, we are going to execute our usual research in order to investigate this Forex trading platform and gather substantial information, related to its performance and delivered results. Be patient to read the following review and get the information from the right source. We are going to reveal whether Stack Options is scam or legit.

Stack Options & Vincent James Goldman

The main statement of the developing team of the platform is that the mission of Stack Options is to bring the field of dealing with Forex to the masses in an effective and efficient way. They claim to achieve this by providing an intuitive trading platform. It is said to utilize the latest technological achievements. It is actually obvious one fact – the website of the broker seems to place great emphasis on education, providing a library of V.O.D. webinars, daily news, analyzes, seminars etc.

The brokerage has also a customer support service that is promised to be always available to meet traders’ needs. There are also account managers available. All these features and services should state for great trading process, smooth financial transactions and safety of the invested funds. Unfortunately, none of this information can be actually confirmed by anyone but the CEO himself. Therefore, we are not able to take into serious consideration these promises and declare them reliable and legit.

StackOptions Broker Platform – Scam or Legit?

At this point, it is impossible for us to be sure on whether this brokerage is scam or not. There is just not enough information available to support either of the two possible statements. As a result, at least for now, we are not going to recommend the platform to traders. They should not deal with it and beware of it as of a scam. This is due to the fact we cannot be sure that it is not. If you are willing to commence a private trading process as soon as possible, just orientate towards some other broker. Be aware of the fact, that you should check it really carefully before invest your savings with it. Otherwise, you can lose everything and suffer great losses.

Account Types and Bonuses of Stack Options

StackOptions is presented to people as an advanced Forex trading decision and investment brokerage firm. It is said to be operating in over 90 countries. This actually sounds quite impressive, but sadly, there is no list of these countries provided, nor is there any proof to confirm this statement.

The platform promises that it offers a wide range of trading tools to support people’s investment plans. It is also expected to provide additional opportunities for secured funds management.

However, it is very disappointing for traders to realize that when visiting the website of the broker they can’t get any information, related to the accounts types. There is just no such data. Nobody can understand if this broker offers different account types, additional packages, services, bonuses etc. It is said that there is a welcome bonus but no one tells you how you can get it and what are the conditions. Moreover, there is no Demo Account available and this is the most upsetting part of the story. It is because inexperienced investors have no option to practice their trading skills and strategies.


After our research we concluded that StackOptions does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


We Advise you to Visit Broker with Demo Account OR Choose One of the Top Brokers Above.