Does Spear Trader Offer a Demo Account?

Spear Trader claims to provide a Demo account and risk free trading to its clients, but is this really true?

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According to our team’s research, Spear Trader does NOT provide demo accounts. We also found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them, (see the below graph according to Google Trends). As an alternative we selected the top brokers that provide a Demo account for free.

Top10BinaryDemo cannot confirm that Spear Trader can offer you a demo account. In order to avoid risking real money you can Proceed to an Approved Broker with Demo Account  OR choose from the Top Demo Brokers:

Top Brokers with Demo Account:

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Spear Trader Review

Looking for a reputable Forex trading platform can be difficult. Spear Trader has been promoted as one of the best among Forex brokers. But closer investigation revealed something quite contrary. In Forex trading you will find that the brokers try to attract the traders by claiming extraordinary benefits. Spear Trader has followed the same rule. It promises to the new members a personal manager to answer to their every need, which seems not to be happening in reality. It is better to be safe while trading with another approved Forex broker.

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Is Spear Trader Scam or Not?

Spear Trader has a Forex trading platform which is easy to navigate, but still there are a lot of complaints from traders that they are not able to open different types of accounts and that the Forex system has problems like crashing of the software. Such considerations prove that Spear Trader in not legitimate and successful to make true its claims.

Spear Trader Demo

You will be promised a bonus of up to 100% with Spear Trader. But not even the demo account can show evidence of such unreal bonuses or profit making with this Forex broker. You have to pay an amount of money that is higher than other brokers’ deposits, but all available demos show that the members are not able to get adequate returns on their capital.


Spear Trader Deposit and Withdrawal

With Spear Trader, you have to invest a minimum amount of $350 to get registered. After you have conducted Forex trading, the withdrawal process is very long. If you want to invest, we will advise you to do so in some other respectable Forex trading platform.


After our research we concluded that Spear Trader does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


We Advise you to Visit Broker with Demo Account OR Choose One of the Top Brokers Above.


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