Crazy Finance Limited claims to provide a Demo account and risk free trading to its clients, but is this really true?

According to our team’s research, Crazy Finance Limited does NOT provide demo accounts. We also found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we selected the top brokers that provide a Demo account for free.

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Crazy Finance Limited Overview

When beginning to invest online, there is always a fair chance that one might stumble onto a scam or a scheme. This goes not only for Forex trading software and brokers. But also when dealing with Forex programs and other types of tools to amplify one’s profits.

Crazy Finance Limited is a new investment program that operates exactly on the Forex market. They have just been released and web-based traders have been asking whether they are legit and worth their time and monetary savings or not. The following review seeks to address and answer these questions.

General Info on Crazy Finance Limited

Because this online trading program was launched not so long ago, there is still close to no feedback available about it on the Internet. What is actually more concerning is that Crazy Finance Ltd. has also not provided users with some basic information about the company.

We were able to confirm that it is registered in the United Kingdom. The team behind it is supposedly composed of expert traders that it will aid investors in their earnings-amplifying quest. Especially, if they are newcomers. Crazy Finance’s principles revolve around the ‘lower margins – higher leverage’ philosophy.

From what we have found, we can say that the Forex broker seeks to generate good results when trading currencies. Whether it manages to do so in reality is another matter.

Can Crazy Finance Limited be Considered Reliable?

Due to the general lack of information concerning this Forex investment program, we are unable to reach a concrete verdict on Crazy Finance for the time given. Therefore, we can not recommend it to online traders. The dearth of users’ testimonials on their official website also does not offer much hope for this broker.

Our investigation has led us to believe that is part of the so-called ‘high-yield investment programs’. To put in simpler words, this means that it promises to deliver amazing return on investment results by giving traders that have executed early on a successful operation the monetary amounts the ones after them have invested with the broker.

This type of investment programs are proven to be complete schemes. So, until we can confirm with 100% certainty whether Crazy Finance Limited falls into the HYIP category or not, we can not advise traders to trade with it. The official website is considered safe and protected by SSL standards.

But we can not establish for sure whether Crazy Finance is reliable or a scam. It is best for users to refer from utilizing it as a profit-amplifying solution.

Did You Know?

The commonly named HYIP are quite popular on the Internet. You might have encountered one before. Most often, they are websites that claim to offer a trustworthy investment program. However, there is no data available as to how they will increase traders’ profits. Nor are users provided with any info about the management and handling of their invested earnings.

Such investment programs also do not give an explanation as to how exactly do they function. Also, no official headquarters address and other types of company details which are important. It is best, not to invest with this type of profit-generating solutions.

Crazy Finance Limited Platform & Unique Features

This investment program has several different account types and they are its only special characteristic. They go as follows: Daily for 7 Days, Daily for 14 Days, Daily for 20 Days, Daily for 25 Days and Daily for 29 Days. There are no other specific features to be mentioned. Actually, it is never explained how the separate trading profiles actually work.

Final Thoughts on Crazy Finance Limited

This investment program that operates with currencies on Forex is deemed unreliable for the moment. There are almost no reactions and users’ commentaries available on the world wide web about Crazy Finance Ltd. So, at least for the moment, traders better turn to a broker that is considerate legitimate and not a hoax.


After our research we concluded that Crazy Finance Limited does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


We Advise you to Visit Broker with Demo Account OR Choose One of the Top Brokers Above.