Bitdax Global is allegedly a new financial technology institution that is registered in the UK and other parts of related countries. According to the main information that is available on the site of this platform it is able to provide regular traders as well as experienced investors with the possibility to achieve success by dealing with cryptocurrency trading and with affiliate programs.

This interesting aspect of the platform’s portfolio provoked our interest so we decided to further investigate it by analyzing the provided official information which this time is sufficient. It seems that there are two main businessmen behind this investment tool. They are called Andrew Savvides and Robert Slattery and they are cited as founders of Bitdax Global.

In addition, it seems that the product is oriented at the African market as there are six African cryptocurrency trading mentors that are listed on the official site of the crypto trading solution. More about them, we are going to share a little bit later.

Now, read this scam review to get more details about this crypto investment solution. As of now, we can tell you that we would advise you to and not to deal with it.

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  • Software: Crypto Trading Platform & Affiliate Program
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  • Min Deposit: $50


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  • Unreliable Services
  • Fake Creators
  • Fake Creators

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More Information About Bitdax Global

It is stated that this crypto trading platform is actually an organization that has been operating thanks to a community of researchers, developers, traders, marketers, and financiers across the globe. Also, it is said that the creators of the system have spent near a decade into the development of a special algorithm that supposedly successfully trades on the stock market and now is even applied to trade cryptocurrencies. This should be possible thanks to some kind of an Artificial Intelligence technology. So far so good, however, there are no proofs to confirm the availability of all these features or at least to explain their exact way of operation.

Another red flag for us is the fact that this is the first time we hear about this company and considering its stated position and influence on the market, this is really strange for us. Also, we have to mention here that the introduced team of global partners and trading mentors did not manage to impress us it seems that all these people are investment enthusiasts but there is no evidence confirming the fact that they are professionals in the online investment field.


Operational Work of the Bitdax Global Trading Platform

Our conducted research managed to prove that this online investment solution seems to work as a well-known financial fraud. First of all, all the new members of the system are required to pay at least $50 in order to be able to generate any kind of returns. Also, this is supposed to happen not thanks to the mentioned crypto trading platform but to the requirement that makes you refer other people to the website.

This means that you will need to persuade other people to join this system in order to generate some positive results. As you can see, this is not trading at all and it has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency market. There are just various options that suggest that you have to enter in some kind of relationship with other members of the system and to recruit as many new users as possible to get higher in the list of active marketers.

Bitdax Global is a Scam?

Based on everything we found about this company it is more than clear that it is a scam. It is a really dangerous financial fraud that you should stay away from. Also, there is nothing actually related to the cryptocurrency trading market, so you won’t be able to enter this investment field by using the services of this fake solution.

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We also gathered some feedback from the Internet to see what the real members of the platform think and it seems that all of them are dissatisfied with the generated results. They also confirm that there is nothing real about this product and the alleged features it promises to provide you with.

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Final Verdict

Bitdax Global is a really dangerous fraudulent product so we want to warn all traders to stay away from it. Our final verdict on it is absolutely negative. We believe that the solution is just the next scam that is available on the market so everyone should know the truth about it in order to save their funds.


After our research we concluded that Bitdax Global does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


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