Bitcoin Giants investment platform is a newly-launched crypto broker which was founded by a team of expert trading professionals that offer a vast medium of operations with different cryptocurrencies. Or at least this is what they claim to be. Our inquiry into the personalities of the people behind the cryptocurrency exchange was not able to verify who they actually are.

The digital broker platform does not provide only operations with Altcoins but also engages in Forex investments and CFD trading. Most of the users state that the list of available assets falls short and does not meet the established industry criterion.

This cryptocurrency broker is supposed to provide users with an extended array of special features but after carefully examining them, we can state that not even one of them is anything special. It is also not regulated by any official authority.

Users will be most wise if they regard the digital exchange as a possible scam. They can choose between OR Picking a Trusted Software from the following table:

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Not a Straightforward & Easy-to-Understand Platform

Our initial inspection of this cryptocurrency exchange broker confirms that there is no risk-free trading involved. Most of the claims, issued by the supposed team of experts that stands behind the investment platform, cannot be confirmed by actual facts.

If the CFD trading broker was truly straightforward, as is stated on the official website, then it would have made its exchange policies much clearer. The Basic Account Type can be opened with a deposit of $250, while the Silver one requires $2,500 or 1 BTC as a starting ground. The two sums are not equal.

Users who do not pay attention to detail or are still new to the Altcoin market can be tricked into placing higher sums. Existing user testimonials and trading reviews confirm that there is something very dubious about the online brokerage. It has not managed to generate satisfactory results.

This is why users better sign-up for a truly legit Forex robot. A viable choice would be the QProfit System by Jerry Douglas. It operates according to sophisticated principles and offers good quality of services and excellent customer support.

Interesting Fact:

The average Bitcoin value is subject to extremely high volatility and fluctuation rates. Digital investors should do their best to avoid any kind of crypto robots or brokers which require a starting deposit in the form of a BTC payment. This would suggest that there is no fixed price for the services of the given Altcoin platform, it simply follows the digital currency trends.

No Unique Special Features in Account Types

Bitcoin Giants crypto broker offers four different account types. Not even one of them, however, provides access to one-of-a-kind or particularly spectacular special features. The initial deposit for most of them is also available in a certain amount of BTCs which suggests that the people behind the investment platform can speculate with the price.

Let us take a basic look at the digital brokerage’s available account types:

  • Basic Account Type: The starting deposit is $250. Users are entitled to a 25% Welcome Bonus, 24/7 customer care, and free access to the Education Center.
  • Silver Account Type: The initial fee is $2,500 or 1 BTC. Traders can utilize all the special features of the Basic Account and receive trading signals.
  • Gold Account Type: The minimum deposit rises to $10,000 or 3 BTCs. New special features include market analysis, a personal broker, and a 1-on-1 trading session.
  • Platinum (Pro) Account Type: The starting deposit here rises to $50,000 or 10 BTC which is a sum so high that it is unheard of in the digital asset sphere. The only new special features here are a direct telephone line to the investment analyst and the ability to use the Advanced Pro Platform.

Not a Very Good Choice! High Scam Likelihood!

Bitcoin Giants investment platform is not a recommended choice. Trading reviews on the Internet suggest that close to nobody has managed to generate favorable daily results with the use of its services. The minimum deposits, required to open an account, are so high that they are unrealistic.

The user testimonials that are present on the official website also have little to do with the actual financial markets. They were most likely fabricated for the purpose of getting the attention of online investors and gaining their trust. There are too many uncertainties and dubious facts about the brokerage. It is most likely a scam.

Gigantic Losses Warning!

Bitcoin Giants Altcoin exchange does not offer a safe and solid ground on the basis of which users can place and execute peril-free investments on the crypto, Forex or CFD trading market. It is best for one to stay as far away from it as possible. They, otherwise, face the possibility of losing every deposit they have made with the virtual broker. There are much better brokerage platforms on the Internet.


After our research we concluded that Bitcoin Giants does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


We Advise you to Visit Broker with Demo Account OR Choose One of the Top Brokers Above.