Binomo claims to provide a Demo account and risk free trading to its clients, but is this really true?

According to our team’s research, Binomo does NOT provide demo accounts. We also found out that they do not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we selected the top brokers that provide a Demo account for free.

Top10BinaryDemo cannot confirm that Binomo can offer you a demo account. In order to avoid risking real money you can OR choose from the Top Demo Brokers:

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Binomo Forex Broker Full Review

The world of online investments is as interesting as it can be devious. From Forex trading robots through multi-marketing tools, the question remains which is the best profit amplifying method or strategy of them all? Each one claims that it is the most legit, but in the end most of them are just scam. Users are probably wondering to which group does Binomo belong. Read the present review if you would like to learn the answer.

Binomo Forex Demo Account

It is a great bonus for newcomers who want to join Binomo that it offers a free demo account which is funded with $1,000 right after one signs up. This way, everyone can test the features and capacities of the Forex robot before they invest actual monetary amounts. You can test-drive the brokerage platform with ease and without much efforts. All one has to do is fill out the registration form.

Binomo – Is it a Legit Broker or Scam?

This Forex investment broker appears to be okay when you first approach it, but has some very dubious characteristics when you take a deeper look into it. Like the lack of data about the operational process and the team that founded the brokerage. For what is worth, they could be complete scammers and users might be putting their funds at risk when proceeding to sign up with Binomo. Therefore, until more information is made available, we can not recommend this platform to traders. They better opt for a more secure and trustworthy choice.

Binomo Forex Broker Customer Support

The Binomo customer support service can be reached via live chat. It is available 24/7 and the team is reportedly quick to respond. Users can turn to them when they are in need of advice, guidance or help. If they just want to chat with others they can visit the Members’ Area and talk about anything they like. It is a good way to pass time and exchange experience.

Binomo Broker Non-Stop Trading Mode

This is an exclusive feature provided by the Forex investment broker. The so-called Non-Stop trading mode allows users to open several positions at any given time of the day. They do not have to wait until the first one they have placed has reached its end date. It is proven for a fact, that they higher number of executed trades means that the chances for a successful outcome also increase. Binomo operates with a little bit over 50 assets from the 4 main categories, which is a bit low considering that most brokerages provide over 100.

Final Thoughts on Binomo Broker

This Forex online broker has an equal portion of positive and negative features. The lack of substantial information about it is the main reason why we can not give users a final verdict whether it is scam or legit. Until more data is released or made available, it would be best for them to turn to a proven to be legit profit amplifying platform.


t10demo_high_risk_stampAfter our research we concluded that Binomo does not provide a demo account.

The lack of practice account and risk free trading makes this broker unsuitable for traders who want to learn how to trade without losing their investment.


We Advise you to Visit Broker with Demo Account OR Choose One of the Top Brokers Above.