binary option systemAs a relatively new trend in trading in recent years Forex has become the new alternative to making money in the financial market world. Because of its simplicity, accessibility, high return rates, low risks and fast trades its popularity amidst new and experienced investors grows rapidly.

The basic reason why Forex trading is so preferred is because of the way a trade is executed. You are presented with only two choices: yes or no also known as “Up” and “Down” or “Call” and “Put” options.

Forex trading is not buying the actual asset you are trading, but making predictions if the price of it will rise or fall from the time the trade has started by the time it ends which can be a time span from 30 seconds up to one month.

We will provide the flagship basics that every novice or experienced investor have to take into account if willing to actually make profit out of trading Forex online.


12 Essentials that Will Make you a Better Trader

Trading Assets

Today, Forex trading offers a colorful palette of assets, from currency pairs through indices and stocks to commodities. There is a trend going on in the past couple of years which suggests that new traders should start their experience with Forex by trading currency pairs. For the traders who have been in the game for longer time it is advisable to raise the bar and go with the stocks and commodities.

Forex & CFDs Trading Broker

The right choice of broker is a vital step for your further investing future. Keeping that in mind take some time and make an effort to do a detailed research on which broker is actually worth engaging and sticking with. Most of the brokers take fee for the service they provide which most of the times is around $100.

Forex Platform

Brokers offer their own platforms where you can trade Forex. But normally traders pick the suitable for their needs platform and then sign up at a broker. The different platforms offer different features, assets, brokers, bonus systems etc. That is the reason why Forex traders which platform they will benefit most from.

See How to Pick Trading Platform

Expiry Time & Early Exit

Unlike the traditional trading where you have to wait a long time to see if there will be a decent return to your investment, the outcome from trading Forex can be seen almost immediately. If short-term Forex work better for you can choose options with span as little as 30 seconds. Other options you can select from vary from one-minute options up to one month options.

Many brokers nowadays offer this feature of early exit. That means that you are allowed to get out of the trade before its expiration time has come. That way you can avoid losses and protect your investment if you notice that things are going not the way you predicted them.

winning rateReturn Rates

Another factor you should look for is the high return rates. But remember, there is no such thing as 100% guarantee of success and if a platform or a broker promises you that beware. The realistic percentage for profit varies between 75% and 85%.

Breaking News

To speed up the process of potentially more profit subscribe to financial news channels. That’s how you will be one step ahead form the others. When you learn the upcoming trends your predictions will be more accurate.

Promotional Offers and Bonuses

Do not neglect the promotional offers and bonuses. These extras can increase your chances for faster and bigger profit.

Demo Account & Mobile Trading

If you are using a new Forex platform or you are a novice to Forex trading as a whole you it is most than recommendable to make a demo account first. It is essential for your further trading. Demo accounts will give you a clear idea how the platform works and you can decide if it fits you. If you never want to miss an opportunity to trade or to have access to charts and new trends choose a platform that not only has a web based software but also has a mobile application.

Forex Trading Signals

Forex signals is a relatively new developed instrument for accuracy in predictions. What signals do is to scan and analyze chart in search of developing trends. Using Forex signals nowadays is almost a must.

Strategies for Trading Forex

Now, having in mind all the above mentioned it’s time to make a strategy. Using strategies is a necessity. All the professionals are using them. Just take some time to try already proven ones or develop techniques on your own.


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