The cryptopocalypse event of the beginning of 2018 sent millions of users into a state of panic. Many were wondering what to do with the crypto coins that they had already acquired, engaging in a hasty rush of buy and sell operations. It did not take longer than a couple of weeks for the cryptocurrency market to return to its normal state.

In fact, most of the Altcoins included in the list of cryptocurrencies by market cap have stabilized their value levels and even though they are not sky-high, they can be viewed as realistic, stable, and good for investments. The Bitcoin price graph shows that it is still the most remunerative asset to trade with.

Buying Bitcoins is considerably easier than engaging in crypto mining in order to acquire them. Its estimated cryptocurrency exchange rates show that its average value continues to be very high. This is not surprising given the fact that the crypto token has a limited supply.

The more time it spends on the crypto trading market, the more exhausted its quantities become. Users who wish to buy Bitcoins should keep in mind that the Bitcoin price is high. It is best to purchase a fraction of a single unit, trade with it, and proceed to get more if the daily results are financially favorable.

Following the most recent Altcoin news is also crucial if one looks forward to achieving them. This will help users understand how Bitcoin works, how much is a Bitcoin worth, and how it is doing against other crypto tokens. Price fluctuations are also clearly visible upon viewing official cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Interesting Fact:

Experienced investors know how important it is to be able to take a deep breath and sit a trade out. It is estimated that about 64% of all the existing Bitcoins have never been used at all. Experts say that a portion of them will never go out into circulation. Of course, users should be cautious and careful not to miss out on a productive opportunity when it presents itself. This is why emotions should be left aside when engaging in financial operations.

Which Factors Affect the Average Bitcoin Value?

The factors behind a digital coin’s value shift are not driven solely by regulatory impositions. There are lots of different events that can have a positive or negative effect on the cryptocurrency market. The behavior of the average trader is certainly one of them. But not the only one.

Bellow follows a short summary of all the possible factors that drive the Bitcoin price:

  • Trading Psychology & The So-Called ‘Animal Spirits’: This is also referred to as the ‘Herd’ or ‘Flock Effect’. When a given portion of the trading community begins to exhibit a certain type of behavior, the rest is quick to follow. The rapid rise in the price of all cryptocurrencies (especially, towards the last quarter of 2017) was prompted exactly by the demand of the public. Widespread hype usually leads to increased media coverage. Which, in its own turn, provokes everyone to buy Bitcoins at a hasty tempo.
  • Fiat Currency Turbulences: Whenever a national currency’s value rates begin to destabilize, a digital token’s price begins to go up. Why? Well, it is mainly because a large group of people needs to transfer funds out of a country or into another kind of exchange. This is backed up by official statistics which show that Greek people started buying Bitcoins like crazy in 2015 during the national economic crisis. The same scenario happened when the British nation said ‘Yes’ to Brexit. Then, millions proceeded to buy Bitcoin UK.
  • Government Decisions to Regulate or Prohibit Bitcoin Trading: Official regulatory bodies that are responsible for the proper implementation and monitoring of national currencies have long wondered what to make of digital coins. They are yet to reach an agreement with reaction ranging from positive approval in Japan to a virtual witch hunt in China. This also leads to the respective ups and downs in the average cryptocurrency exchange rates.
  • Changes to Bitcoin’s Blockchain Governance: Bitcoin may be the first and the prime example of how decentralized open-source blockchain technology operates but this does not mean that it does not have to undergo changes from time to time. The platform itself is designed by software developers and operates thanks to the efforts of crypto miners – the users that verify and approve transactions. When a gives modification in the source code happens, it is because there is a consensus of at least 50% agreed between both these fractions. This can lead to a stark decrease or increase in the average Bitcoin price. Some might remember the launch of ‘hard fork’ Bitcoin Cash in August 2017 which led to such events.

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7 Steps to Effortlessly Buy Bitcoin

There are many different ways to get a hold of Bitcoins or a fraction of a single unit. In the past, the most popular ones were crypto mining and scrypt mining. But this requires sophisticated mathematical skills and basic comprehension of how programming and coding work. A blockchain is composed of dozens of complex mathematical equations and puzzles that have to be solved in order to the transaction to be verified and the payment – received.

This is how Bitcoin works. There are also other ways in which one can acquire a certain amount of the crypto token, according to the recent changes in the Bitcoin price. One of the easiest ways is to get started with a legit and authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform and purchase the digital currency from it.


But users also have to make sure to secure their crypto wallet in order to prevent any leakage of the acquired funds. There are several steps to achieving this. None of them is particularly hard, the trader just has to know what he or she is doing.

Here is a short and easy-to-apply list of the 7 steps that users have to do in order to buy Bitcoin:

  1. Open a Trading Account With a Legit Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform;
  2. Open a Secure & Safe Bitcoin Wallet;
  3. Confirm the Registration by Verifying the Email;
  4. Use 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) to Secure the Wallet Account;
  5. Confirm Your Identity;
  6. Choose a Preferred Payment Method;
  7. Check the Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates & Buy a Bitcoin;

After the trader has completed all of the above-described steps, they must open their crypto wallet once again. Transaction information should appear shortly after the transfer of the funds. Another crucial thing to ensuring the safety and security of their earnings is by choosing a strong private key.

Buying Bitcoin Is Easy, Just Remember to Stay Safe!

Everybody wants a piece of a Bitcoin. Meaning that it is not that easy to acquire a whole unit of the crypto coin unless the individual has a good amount of savings in the bank that he or she can invest. It remains the most financially-attractive asset to have nowadays.

Buying a fraction of the crypto token is nothing hard. Users just have to make sure that they have signed-up for a legit and authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform (which is the best place to buy Bitcoins) and that they have undertaken all of the necessary measures in order to secure their Bitcoin wallet.

Traders just have to remember to keep a cool head and never take any hasty decisions. This could impose a serious risk to any potential future earnings. When emotions get into the picture – it is time to take a small break from investing.