Currently, the Ripple cryptocurrency takes the 3rd place in the official cryptocurrency charts which show the most popular Altcoins by market cap. This is absolutely normal considering the fact that at the moment, there are over 60 different banking and financial institutions that apply its distributing consensus ledger. And this is the technology that distinguishes the Ripple currency from all the other Altcoins.

The digital currency was created and presented for the first time in 2004 by Ryan Fugger. He decided to write the first version of the now familiar Ripple which was called Ripplepay – a payment protocol system. Since then, many different specialists have worked on its coding until finally it was officially launched on the market in 2012.

Of course, if you compare the Ripple price to the Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is considerably low at this point, however, this makes it accessible to more people. And this is the main factor that makes this cryptocurrency so popular and successful. According to financial specialists, there are almost 40 billion Ripple tokens in circulation which makes it the most widely distributed cryptocurrency on the market.

One of the most useful and important features of the digital currency and its payment system is the fact that it works equally well with digital and fiat currencies. This provides its users with the possibility to make transfers in a matter of seconds.

The security level is also very high thanks to which all the financial and personal data of the users is safe. People are able to be intermediary of their transactions thanks to the Gateway platform and the Escrow smart contract system.

Finally, you should know that you don’t have to mine in order to generate the Ripple coin as it can be acquired via the proof-of-stake method. You can also become in possession of some XRPs by using the services of a reliable and legit cryptocurrency exchange platform.

To sum it up, Ripple is basically a peer-2-peer, open-source platform which works as a digital payment system. The best part is that its current price allows people to access it easily.

Main Aspects & Characteristics of The Ripple Coin

The Ripple cryptocurrency has its token which is called XRP. One of the main characteristics of the coin is the fact that there are frequent free dispersions of it. They are called airdrops and many people claim that this is one of the best ways you can use to get free tokens of the Altcoin.

An Interesting Fact!

Many people are still trying to guess what the exact meaning of the word Ripple is and why the Altcoin has been given this particular name. According to some specialists, it comes from the verb reap which means to accumulate positive and consistent results. Others believe that it is a combination of the words apple and ripe. The third popular theory suggests that the name has been taken from the book “The Dow Theory” (1932) by Robert Rhea. He explains some interesting theories related to the daily price movements and compares them with waves, tides, and ripples.

You can also deal with Ripple trading by using the services of a reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform. As soon as you choose your preferred app you can register for it and activate their account. Just make sure that the particular system you have selected is truly legit and authentic.

To make sure that the product you are interested in is reliable you should read some reviews. They are available in the Internet space so you won’t have any problems with finding the needed information. You should also carefully follow the news related to the current Ripple price in order to be fully prepared for your trading transactions.

What is The Difference Between Ripple and Bitcoin?

To tell you the truth, if it weren’t for Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency sphere wouldn’t be able to develop and expand its influence so quickly. The first cryptocurrency basically set the standards and all the Altcoins that came after it should respond to them. Due to all this, Bitcoin is still the leader in the cryptocurrency market.

Of course, we should not neglect the fact that many of the available Altcoins have passed a long way in their own development. They managed to upgrade on what was created before them and the Ripple cryptocurrency is a great example for this.

Even if you don’t have the time to closely follow the recent Ripple news, you should at least inform yourself about the consensus ledger as it is one of the most innovative pieces of technology. The main reason for this is that it is basically an alternative to the blockchain.


Now, we are going to show you a short list describing the main 3 differences between Ripple and Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency while Ripple is a Digital Payment System;
  2. Bitcoin cannot make transactions with other digital currencies while Ripple can;
  3. Generating of Bitcoin is related to processes such as Crypto Mining & Trading while Ripple’s tokens (XRP) are dispersed digitally;

How to Predict The Ripple’s Price?

According to specialists in the cryptocurrency trading field, one could make some predictions for the future price of the Ripple coins by following 3 different factors:

  • Speculative Trading Rates
  • Regulatory Impositions
  • The value of the underlying technology

Where to Trade With Ripple?

Before the discussion of this matter, we would like to tell you that all the crypto coins are stored in the so-called e-Wallets. Thankfully, the market offers access to some really reliable and trustworthy platforms that can help you store your digital assets.

In addition, they can directly interact with the blockchain platform and this gives you freedom in your digital transactions. Not to mention that you can constantly monitor them.

Unlike traditional wallets, the e-wallets don’t store your virtual or fiat assets but they keep your private and public keys. So, you should only come up with a really strong and reliable password.

The easiest way to purchase and to trade with Ripple and the other Altcoins is by using a legit and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform. You should just make sure that the specific solution you have chosen is legit and properly working.

What is The Future of Ripple?

At this point, it is clear that many things have been said about Ripple. It is an easily recognizable cryptocurrency thanks to the fact that it refuses to follow the steps of the giants in the field. Not to mention the great number of unique characteristics that this Altcoin has.

Among the most important ones are the general consensus ledger, the smart contract system, and the speedy transactions. Of course, the mentioned are not the only strong features of the digital currency. Still, they are important enough to make so many people deal with it.

Some of the Ripple coin’s aspects are so interesting and innovative that it is like this currency comes from the future. All the facts show that this cryptocurrency is here to stay and that it is going to further develop its implemented technology and accomplished results.

So, you should definitely consider the possibility to invest in Ripple.

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