To start with, we should share with you some valuable information about the various cryptocurrency lists. First of all, dealing with digital currencies has recently turned into one of the preferred and popular methods that people rely on to generate some positive financial results. This made many people without any former trading or financial knowledge and experience to build an impressive investment portfolio. This is possible thanks to the many available cryptocurrency exchange platforms and automated trading robots on the market.

This is how average users are now able to consistently generate positive results. In return, they don’t even need to have any profound knowledge in the related business field. Everyone is talking about Bitcoin trading and the trends show that this interest will continue to grow exponentially. This is maybe due to the fact that the total amount of Bitcoins is limited so, traders should start waiting for the next big thing in the Altcoin world.

Here comes the role of the cryptocurrency list that describes the various Altcoins by presenting them according to their market cap. In fact, it is easy to get this information as many cryptocurrency

websites offer it. Some of them even offer reports that study and analyze the cryptocurrency charts.

In addition, we should calm you down as it is easy to read one. The basic info all of them include is related to the name of the crypto coin, its market cap for the last couple of hours, the circulation supply, the change in its price, a volatility rate graph, average value info and circulation volume.

An Interesting Fact!

At the time this article was written, the total number of the existing cryptocurrencies was 1594. What is more interesting that in the following hours it is very likely for new coins to be added as the Altcoin market is one of the most dynamic and volatile ones. Usually, if someone decides to present a new cryptocurrency on the market, they will announce a fund-raising campaign several months prior to the tokens’ official launch. This way, some people have the chance to acquire a certain amount of them before the other traders.

A Simple Way to Get Bitcoins

If you are a newbie in the cryptocurrency trading sector then you can rely on the services of the legit crypto exchange apps as they will allow you to freely purchase and trade with Bitcoin. After all, it still holds the 1st place when it comes to market cap size. Just check a regular cryptocurrency chart app and you will see yourself.

The value of the Bitcoin tokens is so high that the Ripple price seems microscopic in comparison to it even though the latter currently holds the 3rd place in the market cap list. One of the main features that make automated crypto trading robots so reliable is the fact that they usually use trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange rates.

So, the crypto trading platforms are really useful especially when it comes to inexperienced investors. Unlike the robots which are basically automated or both automated and manual, the brokers offer in-depth educational sections and access to various crypto trading academies.

Our personal advice for the traders who are new in the field is to opt for a legit and authentic automated crypto robot as it can operate on their behalf and deliver consistent positive results. This means that you won’t need to have any preliminary preparation or trading skills.


On the other hand, cryptocurrency brokers are for traders who already have some gained experience and knowledge in dealing with digital or fiat currencies trading. The reliable platforms usually offer access to various account types, user-friendly interface, and 24/7 customer support. This will give you all the needed tools to apply and test your strategies.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018

The whole point of trading and more specifically of cryptocurrency trading is to have a view of the picture. This means that you should not stick only to one specific digital currency. You should just try to follow as many crypto assets as you can to get the full info package.

We know that currently, Bitcoin seems as the most lucrative asset thanks to its leadership on the market, however, if you just imagine its price you will see that it is very difficult to get a whole token of it. So, you will have to trade with fractions rather than with whole units.

For instance, you can easily buy several Ripple tokens and wait for their price to grow as predictions say that this will definitely happen. This tendency is valid for almost all other Altcoins.

Now, we are going to show you our list with the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018 based on the official cryptocurrency by market cap:

  • Bitcoin – facts are that the first cryptocurrency still holds strong positions. Some crypto mining enthusiasts might have outgrown trading with it, however, it is still the most precious asset to obtain. A lot can be said about this digital currency but the most important thing is that it set the standards high for all the upcoming Altcoins.
  • Ethereum – this Altcoin mining platform is named after a hypothetical substance that is supposed to fill the universe and to spread the light through it. The best advantage of the cryptocurrency is that its blockchain ledger can be applied in many different areas as none of them are related to the crypto sphere.
  • Ripple – the Altcoin currently holds the 3rd place. Traders can benefit from it thanks to its fast transactions speed which is between 10 and 15 seconds. This is why many banking and financial companies have started applying its technology. This Altcoin is on a constant positive trend which is also something important.
  • Bitcoin Cash – it started as a fork to Bitcoin, however, the people behind it managed to solve the ongoing scalability problems of the former so they decided to turn it into a separate coin. As a result, currently, the number of traders who deal with it is growing.
  • LiteCoin – the name of this Altcoin’s tokens is Lites. The curious thing about it is that this digital currency mimics the operational process of Bitcoin. The creator of the Altcoin is called Charlie Lee and he is a former Google employee. He developed the Litecoin’s blockchain platform in his free time.

Can You Achieve Financial Stability by Dealing with Cryptocurrency Investments?

Cryptocurrency trading became extremely popular in 2017 and the tendency continues as there is a reason for this total madness. And the final list of cryptocurrency by market cap has not changed a lot since. The leaders haven’t changed, however, new digital currency projects are launched day after day.

This just proofs the credibility of the fact that the volatility in this financial field is very drastic and sudden changes can happen at any given moment. In the end, the truth is that Bitcoin and Altcoins have managed to change the financial field for good. This is why we should better adapt to the changes and learn to follow the trends in order to benefit from the whole situation. After all, this is the whole point of cryptocurrency trading.

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