If one wants to know which the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 is, then he or she should know that Bitcoin trading is just like having to operate with any other type of asset. Financial endeavors are always prone to high volatility rates and the big picture can change pretty quickly. It can sometimes even alternate on a daily basis.

The assets that appeared lucrative one day may not be the same on the next one. This is one of the things which make digital investments and trading so interesting – the dynamics. What this suggests is that the perfect crypto trader must be capable of easy adapting to the requirements of the sphere.

Regular viewing of the official list of cryptocurrencies by market cap should help the average Jane and Joe figure out what move to make when trading. Sometimes, it is best to wait for a while for the given crypto asset’s average price to go up or down even more before proceeding to capitalize on it.

Engaging in emotional trading is never a good idea. Regularly informing oneself of the most recent Altcoin news should also improve one’s performance. Cryptocurrency exchange rates are often determined by sudden events and recent happenings.

This will also help users take advantage of crypto airdrops when free crypto tokens are distributed sporadically to traders. Some of them are announced months in advance, while others are unexpected and swift. But it never hurts to get a hold of coins without engaging in crypto mining or purchasing them from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Did You Know?

Several governments are currently discussing whether or not to endorse the launch of an official cryptocurrency. Some of them include Russia, Turkey, China, Estonia, Sweden, and Iran. These state-supported coins would help them to better make the technological transition to a cashless payment system. The process is revolutionary in many different ways and prompted by Venezuela’s decision to release the Petro on February 20th, 2018.

Best Place for Altcoin News

There are several big cryptocurrency news websites which people can view in a costless manner. Most of them offer subscriptions and users can receive email notifications on the top most important Altcoin news without having to specifically keep track of what’s going on.

If the individual wishes to perform his or her very own cryptocurrency market research, then he or she can do so with a simple inquiry on one of the search engines. There is nothing hard, the user just has to be certain of his or her field and topic of interest.

Of course, one should always try and check the legitimacy status of the Altcoin news website before placing any trust in the articles that are uploaded to it. The crypto investment sphere can be full of online scams and traders should do their best to avoid them.

Getting started with a crypto news app will also help one learn the most up-to-date Altcoin prices and the new Altcoin release dates. There is also Altcoin news on Reddit but the best place for Altcoin news and crypto news, in general, has to be chosen personally and independently.

Cryptocurrency Market vs. Stocks Market – How Are They Performing?

The cryptocurrency market and the equities one bear close similarities and have stark differences. Investors from all over the world argue which one of them offers a more solid ground. The truth is that both are prone to sudden asset price changes and high volatility rates.

Most argue that the stocks market is not as prone to rapid value shifts like the average Bitcoin price is because it is backed up by general government approval and a monetary equivalent. But this is just one side of the coin. Political events and natural disasters often trigger bearish or bullish tendencies in a given asset.

The Altcoin value of a given coin may be speculatively-driven to some extent but so are the prices of most stocks and bonds. Fiat currencies are also not immune to such risk factors. The cryptocurrency market has managed to outperform the equities one on several occasions.

Another true fact is that the experienced crypto traders who regularly follow the most recent Altcoin news can accumulate a solid secondary income stream. It is not uncommon for exponential daily results and cryptocurrency exchange rates to exceed the ones that people can achieve on the stocks and bonds market.

Interesting Fact:

Some experts consider that the equities and the Altcoin market may merge and become one in the decades to come. According to them, this will probably occur right after the official recognition and the imposition of regulatory policies on the different cryptocurrencies. Others argue that this will not happen because the average stocks market cap is bigger than the general coin market cap. If one comes to think of it, the latter claims may be ill-founded as the New York Stock Exchange is in existence for nearly three centuries. Altcoins have had a little under a decade to get a piece of the pie.

2018 Cryptocurrency Market Prognosis – More Investments, Less Volatility!

Several different countries are seriously considering to make their legislative and regulatory stances clearer and more encompassing towards the needs of the cryptocurrency exchange industry. While most Altcoins have not maintained their all-time peak levels since November and December 2018, their average prices remain stable.

This suggests that the cryptocurrency exchange rates will not be as volatile as in previous years, making crypto market prognosis more easy to carry out. New coins appear on a daily basis so it is uncertain whether or not a fresh pop-up on the scene will not change the situation a little bit.

Still, the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 has not changed. The top 5 Altcoins firmly keep their positions. Which makes them the safest crypto assets to trade with. They are – Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and LiteCoin.

Enhanced regulatory measures also suggest that the more upscale companies will start investing in the industry. These are the so-called institutional investors. Whenever a high-end firm decides to fund an upcoming ICO or an already established cryptocurrency exchange project, regular people begin to follow the same trend.

This suggests that the Altcoin prices will also stabilize, leaving more room for growth and financially satisfying results. Coins are not backed up by a firmly-placed supply-and-demand rate like fiat currencies are but their underlying technology has intrinsic value.


The said is determined by what the means that society can benefit from their appliance are. Ethereum’s blockchain technology, for example, can be implemented for the greater good of bettering communication between the different divisions of a company.

Ripple coin’s general consensus ledger can improve the speed of international financial transactions and the way that the established monetary transfer system works. In order to sum all of this up, it can simply be said that the general prognosis for cryptocurrencies in 2018 is that the investments in the sphere will most likely increase, keeping the volatility rates low.

Stay Well-Informed & Invest Crypto!

Knowing which events can have a positive or negative impact on the cryptocurrency exchange sphere can help one achieve better results on the cryptocurrency market. This means that staying thoroughly informed and keeping track of all important Altcoin news events is crucial for one’s average performance.

Even doing the most basic type of research, like checking up the list of cryptocurrencies by market cap on a daily basis, can improve the average results that one achieves when engaging in digital trading. Seeing a small or more drastic rise or fall of a given Altcoin price and knowing what caused it defines the thin red line between financial loss or achieving good monetary earnings.

Users should remember to keep things simple, straight, and smart in crypto trading.

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