Imagine Bitcoin like a giant food bank that lets users test a costless sample every now and again. It’s a win-win situation both for the people behind the cryptocurrency exchange platform and for the ones that wish to get a hold of free crypto tokens. The former raises the popularity levels for their underlying blockchain technology, while the latter can engage in crypto trading operations without having to purchase the coin first.

Given the fact that Bitcoins have a preset limit to the total supply rates and most of them have already been exhausted, it is not very easy to acquire a whole cryptocurrency token without charge. Most people simply proceed to one of the cryptocurrency exchange websites and transfer their fiat currency or a certain amount of another Altcoin in order to get a fraction of a single token.

One of the things that traders should be prepared for is the fact that there is no such thing as ‘a free Bitcoin’. Meaning that they will always have to give something back, be it a chunk of their personal time or having to watch an advertisement clip for a software, platform or game. Some even make visual graphics or write content in order to get paid in Bitcoins.

The gaming industry also offers lots of opportunities for users to acquire a portion of the first digital coin to hit the global markets. Its limited supply means that the interest and demand towards it will only grow as it approaches its final units. One could say that the fight for Bitcoin will only become more nerve-straining and hard.

But there is no need for one to discourage himself or herself. The Internet does offer a number of legit and plausible opportunities for crypto traders to get a hold of a fraction of the ultimate prize. One just has to stay cool and have lots of patience as most of the methods do not grant instant access and require something in return.

Interesting Fact:

The smallest ‘bit’ of Bitcoin is called a Satoshi, eponymously named after its mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto. It represents a hundred-millionth of a single unit and is the main coin of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency exchange. Some of the most popular methods for acquiring a fraction of a single Bitcoin token include contract-for-differences (CFDs) and leverage margin trading. There will also be official Bitcoin futures made available pretty soon, according to a recent announcement by CME Group, Nasdaq, and CBOE.

The Average Bitcoin Price Will Remain Stable & High

Cryptocurrency exchange rates can shift drastically in a couple of hours. But there is no unexpected event, even the cryptopocalypse, that has managed to change the picture and dethrone the crypto market leader from its designated leading place. The average Bitcoin price remains high.

Bitcoin price predictions remain positive that its value will continue to grow. There is no absolute certainty in the world of currency trading. Finance and investments, in general, are prone to fluctuations so this is something normal.

John McAfee, the founder of one of the world’s most popular anti-virus software programs – McAfee, has stated that he also forecasts a favorable tendency for the price pattern of the digital token. He even considers that the crypto coin will reach cosmic levels by 2020, based on a calculation of its historic value shifts.

Whether or not this will come true is a matter that only the future will solve. It is clear, though, that digital currencies are here to stay and there is nothing that threatens Bitcoin’s leading position. The coin has revolutionized contemporary society and technology in more ways than are imaginable and its price will remain high, even if this is based solely on the antique value of its limited supply.

Did You Know?

The world wide web is home to more than 1,000 different cryptocurrencies, with more and more new ones appearing on a daily basis. But Bitcoin’s market cap (capitalization) is bigger than that of the Disney enterprise and the combined value of Goldman & Sachs and BlackRock! This is surely a very promising indication for its future.

5 Simple Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

We have already stated above that there is no such thing as absolutely free Bitcoins. But let us clarify that there are many legit ways in which one can get a hold of the digital currency without having to pay for anything. Keep in mind that Bitcoin trading usually involves the initial purchase of a small fraction of the token.

This does not mean that they will be distributed without nothing in exchange. It simply suggests that there are many alternatives to purchasing them. Some of them involve the conduct of a particular type of service.

Let’s dive in and see which the top 5 ways to get free Bitcoins are:

  • Bitcoin Faucets: Users should get started with as many Bitcoin faucets as possible. Registering with just one will not get the job done. These are basically crypto trading platforms or pieces of software that reward users every couple of minutes for staying on the cryptocurrency exchange app or website. The only thing that is required out of the user is to fill in a captcha or a small task which is specifically listed by the system.
  • Trading Bitcoin: Users have to pick a legit cryptocurrency exchange platform. They will have to carefully inspect all of its policies in order to make sure that the offered conditions suit their needs. Then, they will be required to purchase a Bitcoin or a fraction of the token and trade it against a fiat currency. When its price begins to drop again, the trader can purchase a bigger amount of it
  • Arbitrage Trading Bitcoin: This type of online investments differ very much from the regular crypto robots and Bitcoin brokers. Users have to purchase the asset at a lower price and if the time is right, then they will be able to sell it immediately at a higher price. The only thing that users have to be careful about is the policies, terms and agreements, and cryptocurrency exchange rates of the platform they choose.


  • Gaming for Bitcoins: There is a growing number of games that allow one to play them in exchange for Bitcoins. They can also be viewed as a type of Bitcoin faucets. Users usually have to watch an advertisement clip after the end of each level or share his score on social media in order to get the reward. But it’s a fun way of acquiring the tokens!
  • Mining for Bitcoins or Contributing to the Crypto Society: Users who are good at crypto mining and scrypt mining are not the only ones that get Bitcoins in exchange for solving mathematical puzzles. The blockchain technology also needs developers, website managers, graphic design experts, content writers, mining experts, online marketers, and many other experts in different fields in order to keep the network running.

Quick Tip For Opening a Bitcoin Wallet:

No matter how users have acquired their crypto tokens, it is utmost important to keep them in a secure and safe crypto wallet. There are many legit and genuine Bitcoin e-Wallets that users can open in exchange for a small fee. They also have to perform regular back-up and never keep more than one cryptocurrency in the same place. Such virtual devices can be software, hardware, desktop, and mobile.

Stay on the Lookout for Crypto Airdrops!

Crypto airdrops are also a great way for cryptocurrency exchange platforms to raise their popularity. Such events are usually announced months or weeks in advance. During them, free crypto tokens get dispersed to the online public completely free-of-charge.

The only requirement for users is to have a certain amount of the given cryptocurrency already stored in their crypto wallet. A ‘snapshot’ of the blockchain is taken at the moment that the crypto airdrop begins and people automatically receive a fraction of the token in their storage and safety devices.

The term is actually derived from an established practice in war-ridden regions of the world or places where a natural disaster has just occurred. Airdrops provide the people living in these areas with first-hand necessities like food, sanitary supplies, and water which they would otherwise not receive as the territory is unreachable by land.

Free Bitcoins – Everybody’s Dream!

Getting a hold of free Bitcoins is a dream come true for almost every crypto trader or miner. Even people who do have never shown any interest in cryptocurrency investments would never refuse a crypto token which is given to them in a costless manner.

There are many different ways in which this could happen. The most important thing is to invest them wisely once the user has already acquired them. This would mean that they were not dispersed pointlessly.

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