These two cryptocurrency exchange platforms have polarized the crypto trading community. Bitcoin supporters usually state that they are in because of the fact that it favorably replaces the need for a middleman in the carrying out of financial transactions. Fans of the Ethereum blockchain are there because of the smart contracts and the fact that it can be used as a base platform for the creation of different cryptocurrency exchange apps.

Both are extremely good in their respective fields of specialization and for the conduct of the different purposes that they were launched for. But let’s pay some more attention to the things that distinguish one from the other.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is deflationary, meaning that there is a limited and finite supply of the crypto token. Ether, on the other hand, is inflationary – meaning that it is basically limitless. About 18 million units of it are dispersed on an annual basis. Bitcoin mining will eventually become impossible as the coin is expected to exhaust itself by 2140.

Bitcoin generates new crypto coins every 10 minutes. This is the amount of crypto mining time needed in order for a new block in the chain to be completed via the solving of complex mathematical puzzles. A single Ether (ETH) is created every 10 to 20 seconds.

Another stark deviation between the two are not only the cryptocurrency exchange rates but also the fact that Bitcoin, in itself, is a cryptocurrency, whilst the Ether is a crypto token. This would mean that one allows users to operate with it as if it were a fiat currency, while the other provides them with the opportunity to sign smart contracts in which his or her word is law.

Did You Know?

Bitcoins can be used to purchase almost anything nowadays. One can even get space travel tickets! Its other main purpose is the safe and secure storage of value. Ethereum’s blockchain platform is mainly applied to the design, development, and launch of dApps – decentralized applications. While the initial concept of the first digital currency was to replace fiat ones and the need for an intermediate between the individual and public institutions, the smart contracts of the latter can be used for voting or exchange of ownership.

The Roles They Play in the Cryptocurrency Market

It was already mentioned that while one of the two crypto giants is a full-time cryptocurrency, the other is a token. Let us take a brief moment and exemplify what was already said in order for the reader to comprehend it better.

The main roles that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency plays in the digital market are:

  • Eliminate the Need for Middlemen & Intermediary Institutions;
  • Make People Financially Free & Independent;
  • Immediate International Transfers;
  • Lower or No Fees for Monetary Transactions;
  • Provision of Financial Safety for People in Countries With Unstable Fiat Currencies;


The Ethereum token – Ether (ETH) serves the purpose of:

  • Allow Everyone to Develop Ethereum Blockchain Applications;
  • Eliminate the Need for Crowd-Funding Campaigns;
  • Make Smart Contracts Available for Everyone;
  • Official Recognition & Appliance of Smart Contracts;
  • Improve & Enhance the Current Contract System for the Greater Benefit of All Parties Involved;

The Making & Breaking Points of the Crypto Coins

If Ethereum and Bitcoin were a single cryptocurrency exchange platform, then they would have been the perfect one – both offering smart contracts and being an excellent online transaction and storage software. Unfortunately, they are not. But they do complete each other and this is why they shouldn’t be viewed as adversaries.

Users could invest in both cryptocurrency exchange apps or in just one of them and they still wouldn’t be making a mistake. The average Bitcoin price is higher than that of Ethereum but the latter also enjoys a steady increase in percentages.

Which makes it very lucrative to invest in as users can purchase several units of the crypto token at the same time and then wait for its value to rise in order to sell them with a financially favorable cryptocurrency exchange rate. This is harder to do with Bitcoin as it is not so easy to acquire it.

Bitcoin, however, is still the leader in terms of storage of value. Ethereum is the preferred method for digital monetary transfers as its approval time takes only a couple of seconds. An official statistic shows that in 2017 more transactions were carried out with ETH than with the first cryptocurrency to hit the online markets.

A simple explanation for this can be the fact that Vitalik Buterin’s cryptocurrency exchange website can also be used as a platform for the successful transfer of other crypto coins. Users do not have to limit themselves to the Ether.

But the golden prize carries is better in terms of development support. Institutional investments in the Ethereum blockchain network have been bigger than in Bitcoin, even though regular users can purchase much more goods with the latter.

Here follows a short list of the main differences between the two cryptocurrency exchange platforms:

  • Ethereum is an Application Blockchain Platform, Bitcoin is a Full-Time Cryptocurrency;
  • Transaction Approval Time Takes 10-20 Seconds With Ethereum & Up to 10 Minutes with Bitcoin;
  • ETH Offers Smart Contracts;
  • The Bitcoin Value is Higher;
  • BTC Transaction History Can Be Viewed By Third Parties, ETH Has Enhanced Encryption Protocols;
  • Ethereum Requires Lower Transaction Fees;
  • BTC’s Transaction Costs Depend On Their Size, Ethereum Imposes a Fee Known As ‘Gas’;
  • The Bitcoin Has Holding Value, Whereas the Ethereum Token Has Spending Value;

Both Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps Empower People

The main difference between both digital currencies is the underlying technology. Ethereum’s platform has given rise to a number of other crypto coins. It can be used as the basis for developing a unique programming language. It is up to the individual user to decide whether he or she wishes to enhance the computer codes behind the Ether or launch something completely new.

One of the main reasons why there are so many different cryptocurrencies today is because most of them were built at least partially based on Ethereum’s coding. Some have even been designed fully on it. Bitcoin does not feature such complex programming but it was the first digital coin. Without it, there probably wouldn’t have been any.

ETH’s smart contract system is unprecedented. Anyone can make up their own set of rules and conditions. This is a procedure that is not possible in the real world without the assistance of an intermediary.

Up to the User Do Decide Which Crypto Coin Is the Best!

There is no ultimate answer to the ‘Ethereum vs Bitcoin’ matter. Every person has to decide for himself which one best suits their needs. Bitcoin is best for the crypto traders which refer to invest in the most lucrative assets.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is best intended for those who wish to further enhance their software development skills, create a new application or fund their cryptocurrency exchange project without becoming involved in any crowd-funding campaigns.

The truth is that any cryptocurrency can give good and stable daily results as long as one knows how to trade smart.

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