The upcoming 2019 will mark the decade-long reign of the Bitcoin value and that of other Altcoins against that of traditional government-printed and approved exchanged. There is much speculation as to the future development of the blockchain technology but one thing is for sure – it is here to stay.

It has brought fort a small revolution among online users. Everyone can become a trader if he or she wishes so. They don’t even have to be engaged in the actual crypto mining process. There is a sufficient number of cryptocurrency exchanges that buy and sell every kind of Altcoins – from the best cryptocurrency to mine to its lesser-known digital cousins.

A fine example of such a cryptocurrency exchange is the Crypto Code System. Developed for several years by the effective CEO of the company behind it Derrick Simmons, it applies the top available scrypt mining principles with cunning trading technology.

Did You Know?

The blockchain technology, initially designed by Satoshi Nakamoto and further developed by creators of other scrypt mining solutions, is now being heavily applied in other business sectors. Some of them include the financial technology one, software development, oil drilling and distribution, storage and share of digital files, and the music industry.

Cryptocurrency Technology & the Oil Industry

Some people might roll their eyes upon hearing that the crypto trading sphere and the oil industry have something in common. But currency mining requires specific technology and it can be implemented into the operational process of many different businesses.

They are not limited solely to cryptocurrency trading solutions like the Crypto Code System. BHP Billiton is a multinational fine metal and petroleum drilling company which recently developed its very own blockchain platform.

Their main geophysicist Tyler Smith recently introduced InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to the general public. It can be described as a spreadsheet through which the firm’s executives can track every process through its different stages.

Smith also states that the newly-launched platform has helped ‘enhance communication between the different divisions’. The free flow of information and specific chunks of information have eased all of the internal processes and made it smoother for people to share their ideas.

Currency Mining & the Music Business

One should not think of the cryptocurrency exchanges and the technology that makes it tick as revolving only around crypto mining software such as the Crypto Code by Derrick Simmons. Blockchain has enabled lots of music artists around the world get a hold of an increased amount of royalties for their work.

Up until the last couple of years, musicians used to receive only a small percentage of what their music had actually earned. More than 90% went straight into the record label and the producer’s pockets.

The rise of platforms like Voise and Ujo Music enabled the artists to receive the whole sum, without paying anything to nobody. Such companies offer the so-called ‘smart’ contracts which basically mimic those of Ethereum.

Blackchain & IBM

International Business Machines (IBM) was one of the first to realize the potential hidden in the blockchain technology. They have been applying it for the purpose of resolving existing vendor issues to extremely favorable results for the last couple of years. More and more companies are expected to do the same.

More Positive Changes Yet to Come

Nobody knows exactly what the future will be like. Judging from previous trends, cryptocurrencies will most likely continue to alter our daily lives for the better or worse. With great power comes great responsibility but the honor of witnessing the results is ours.