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BrokerFinCrowd App
Official Website URLwww.FinCrowdApp.com
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill MoneyBookers, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.0/10

Full Review

FinCrowd App is a crowd-funding platform which was developed and established by Sam Maxwell – an American investor who spent several years working for Highbridge Capital Management in the United Kingdom.

His team is completed by multi-millionaire Russian-American trader Ana Petrov who is a longtime college friend of Mr. Maxwell. Together they also managed to recruit prominent Wall Street technical data specialist Data Wang as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

What makes the auto-trading system so efficient is the fact that it provides users with the possibility to earn $1,000 per day or profit with up to 6% on top of any investment they have made with the robot.

Our research into it managed to confirm that it is a legit and genuine equity crowd-funding platform. Existing feedback about FinCrowdApp System has been nothing but positive. Users who wish to learn more about it can do so in the extensive review that follows below.

Review Verdict: FinCrowd App is Not a Scam

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How to Operate with FinCrowd App?

The user interface of the auto-pilot robot is more than smooth. The system has won over 20 international trading software awards, including Best Trading Signals, Clients Safety, Client Results, Usability and Client Results.

One can easily complete its free sign up and let the real-life analysts, investment bankers, trading experts, and advisors make the deposited investment and double its returns. Users only have to choose a portfolio and asset type.

Interesting Fact:

FinCrowdApp Software is an equity crowd-funding platform which would mean that it was established for the purpose of making investments accessible to regular people who have zero trading experience. This would mean that its professional analysts take the deposit from clients and trade on their behalf without the user making any kind of efforts.

No Necessary Download

Users have been not only satisfied by the results they have been generating but also by the fact that FinCrowdApp robot does not require additional downloading. Those who prefer to invest on the go can take advantage of the app which was designed specifically for smart devices.

How to Get Started with FinCrowdApp System?

The best way to open a FinCrowdApp account is by entering a couple of one’s best details into the sign-up form. Registration is free and users do not have to deposit anything. Once they have received a confirmation email with a link applied inside, they have to click on it.

They will then be redirected to the list of available portfolio types and they will have to pick one. Traders are best advised to open 2 different ones as the odds for success also increase with each activated one. Most online investors will find the operational process extremely convenient because FinCrowd App works with real-time analysts and advisors who make the investments instead of the end user who just enjoys the profits.

One can get started with the crowd-funding software by just:

1. Register Free

2. Fund Investment Portfolio

3. Start Earning

FinCrowdApp Software Returns

One can expect to learn at least a stable $1,000 per day. Payouts might also be higher as the more one is willing to invest and the more portfolios he opens, the more he can earn. FinCrowd System profits are effortlessly achieved as the real-time investment bankers that the equity crowd-funding platform employs constantly scout for favorable market opportunities.

FinCrowd System Average Price

There is no fee for signing up with FinCrowd Software. It is available to online traders completely for free. One has to make only a small initial investment of $250 in order to fund his portfolio. This monetary sum can be withdrawn at any given moment but it is highly unlikely for users to wish to do this because the profit-amplifying solution is capable of delivering excellent payouts.

Is FinCrowd Software Legit or a Scam?

Our investigation was capable of determining beyond any doubt that FinCrowd App System is a reliable and authentic crowd-funding solution. Its interface is extremely easy to get used to and there have been no reported troubles concerning the manner in which it works or about the generated daily returns.

Review Verdict: FinCrowd App is Not a Scam

Visit FinCrowdApp Official Website

Most people have managed to acquire a stable daily income from the comfort of their very own homes. The real-time investment bankers that the FinCrowdApp robot employs do everything instead of the actual trader who is left to enjoy the end profits. One of the best things about this income-generating solution is that it offers free sign up.

FinCrowd App System Customer Care

FinCrowd App crowd-funding platform provides excellent customer support care. The team is professionally trained in hedge fund trading and regularly undergoes advanced courses in order to increase its general knowledge of the market and address client needs better. They are also known to be quite friendly.

User Testimonials

“FinCrowdApp is one of the top available income-generating solutions on the Internet. It has introduced a revolutionary concept into the world of finance and investments. I have been making a steady $1,500 daily and have not fallen onto a more advanced crowd-funding platform.”

Brigitte Schlimmer, 34, Germany

“This equity crowd-funding platform was the answer to all of my problems. Once I got started with it I got the chance to not only pay off my debt but also enjoy my free time and learn a thing or two about trading. You don’t need to understand the market if you have a FinCrowd portfolio – it will do everything instead of you.”

Nuno Pereira, 41, Portugal


FinCrowdApp System is revolutionary in many ways. It introduced the concept of crowd-funding platforms to Wall Street and online finance. Another positive th9ing that Sam Maxwell and his team managed to do is to help a lot of people amplify their digital income without being in possession of advanced trading knowledge. The interface is simple to get accustomed to but is also a real eye-catcher and the customer care team is more than friendly.

This trading software review concludes that FinCrowd Software is a genuine and authentic profit-amplifying solution. It truly deserves the investments, trust, and attention of investors who will find it extremely easy to achieve success with the crowd-funding platform.