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asked 10 months ago

Guys I want to see your opinion about the MultiPlexer system. It seem really nice with this catchy video but as we all know this is not a guarantee for successful trading when it comes to binary options. Can the Multiplexer software generate more accurate signals than the other trading robots on the market, why should I opt or avoid it? Please advice us!


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mia moura answered 4 days ago

​​i was scammed and lost over $63,000 from this broker. My Account Manager(broker) kept on telling me to invest more, but my profits kept on going down the drain. When i asked to withdraw the little i had left which was a little over $12,000 they refused to approve my withdrawal and kept on trading until it got to $241. my money was gone until awhile back when i met someone who saved me. I got all of my monies back. Now i trade without risk and full guarantee of my withdrawals. contact ​Dr Blake​ at [email protected]

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