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asked 11 months ago

Hello binary options investors!

I have been using a lot of binary options trading systems – I found them quite easy and simple to use, and some of them are really generating profits. I want to share my experience with the Brooks Blueprint software created by Steven Brooks. I opened an account with their recommended binary options broker, although it was not a licensed one. After that the software connected with the broker’s trading platform automatically. With the push of one single button “On” the software began to place trades. To my disappointment, many of them were losing. My account almost got completely depleted after the first trading day.

I watched the presentation of this system that is owned by Steven Brooks and was really pleased with what I heard. Guess I was wrong in my impression. It is not really possible to earn about $7,000 per day by using this auto-trading binary options platform. I lost significant amounts because of it.

I want to continue trading with another trading solution – the Qbits megaprofit system so any advice will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work with the binary options scam reviews!


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Manager Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Harold,
We have to say that you are absolutely right to feel disappointed by the Brooks Blueprint binary trading system. It is really a scam, and the promised working promise does not match reality. You are correctly considering the Qbits MegaProfit System, as it is one of the best alternatives to scam systems like the Brooks Blueprint.
Thank you for sharing your experience.

mia moura answered 3 days ago

​​i was scammed and lost over $63,000 from this broker. My Account Manager(broker) kept on telling me to invest more, but my profits kept on going down the drain. When i asked to withdraw the little i had left which was a little over $12,000 they refused to approve my withdrawal and kept on trading until it got to $241. my money was gone until awhile back when i met someone who saved me. I got all of my monies back. Now i trade without risk and full guarantee of my withdrawals. contact ​Dr Blake​ at [email protected]

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