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asked 11 months ago

Hello, I was wondering about the 1k Daily Profit System for a while now. It sounds pretty good and the offer they make to the potential clients of the software is quite tempting. I was thinking of giving it a try, when a friend of mine told me he found some complaints about it. It seems like I am unable to find a review of the system on your website but I am a long-time reader of your investigations. I was wondering if you could give me your expert advise.

Is 1k Daily Profit worth the time and funds or is creator John Becker just another scammer trying to fraud people? I really want you to advise me. If 1k DailyProfit is not reliable, do you think you could suggest another system that I can trust?

Thanks a lot!


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Manager Staff answered 11 months ago

1k Daily Profit is well known from our investigation team. They have come across it on several occasions. What we know for sure about the 1kDailyProfit system is that it is not reliable. You are right to think John Becker to be a scammer – the presented person on the website of the software is a stock photo you can purchase online. The only conclusion is that John Becker does not exist. 1K Daily Profit tries to sugar coat a scam story and sell it as plausible to traders. Always be careful when you decide what to trust and what not to from everything that you are being told.
Our experience shows that the most reliable and profitable trading robots, which are also safe to trade with, are QBITS and FinTech. One is a veteran in the industry, and even though the second is quite new, it has show amazing results and all of its clients are extremely satisfied with what they get.

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